The following are companies that we have generated and that are currently owned by EGILE:

DMP (Desarrollos Mecánicos de Precisión, S.L.) is a company specialised in the development of Precision Mechanical Solutions, with engineering, design, calculation and simulation and “Turnkey” Manufacturing skills.
It operates in the field of Aeronautics, Security and Defense, manufacturing completely assembled and tested components and assemblies designed for essential aircraft parts, such as Landing Systems, Propulsion Systems, Performance and Control Systems. Generally all kinds of components and mechanisms that demand precision, complexity and responsibility.

Zehatz, S.L. specialises in the development and manufacture of solutions and products for the metal packaging and high precision die-cutting sector. It has highly certified and precise manufacturing resources and skills, making this company a strategic partner for its customers and a comprehensive service provider (from the design to the turnkey manufacture and delivery of its products).

EIS, Egile Innovative Solutions, is our research, development and innovation unit. Composed of a team with skills in a range of different areas, it develops projects and solutions for the different areas comprising the Group’s operations. A team of graduates and doctors of Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, Telecommunications, Electronics, Information Technology and as would be expected, experts in Mechanics, enabling any type of development in combination with access to the most suitable resources.

Tecexsa, Tecnoquímica Exterior, S.A., designs, develops and manufactures “turnkey” installations for dissolved air water treatment (DAF systems). The company offers solutions that include runoff water and wastewater characterisation; effluent utilization for its reuse; water treatment with pilot plants; floatation decanter and we also perform preliminary studies, preliminary projects and final projects, as well as remodeling studies for the improvement of obsolete equipment.

ETD, Environmental Technology Development, S.L. is an engineering company with a team of highly qualified professionals in the sector it operates: Energy. The Environment and Water.
Performs studies, turnkey implementations and projects of solutions in: renewable energies, particularly in hydropower, management and treatment of urban and industrial waste as well as the purification, treatment and desalination of water.

We have also contributed towards the generation of other companies, who while not subsidiaries, have the following in common with the Group: market orientation, technological synergies and an objective involving complementarity and cooperation in projects and business development. The following companies have a varying degree of participation in Egile’s ecosystem:

ITS. Integrated Technologies Systems, S.L.
CREATECH Medical, S.L.