High Precision Mechanics

The High Precision Mechanics Division focuses our main core competence. It is composed of five business units, serving high-criticality markets, such as the aerospace and security area, large scientific infrastructure and the packaging sector and thin sheet metal processing.

Egile AeroTransmissions started off as DMP, an Egile Group company created in 1999.
We are specialists in the aeronautical sector, designing and manufacturing turbines, turboprops and turbofans (accessory or power transmission reducers) and in the helicopters, main transmission components, auxiliary transmission (MGB, TRGB, PAGB, etc.).

We provide conceptual solutions under the customer’s own specifications, who we work very closely with during all phases, from design to the development of complete systems.
We are allied with the main agents from our sector such as SAFRAN Group, ROLLS-ROYCE and AIRBUS HELICOPTERS.

We are specialists in extreme precision mechanics transmission solutions. Our Group’s technology training and service model has seen us become strategic allies of major OEMs in the supply of high-complexity dynamic transmission systems and components. Our collaboration model with customers is based on the co-ordination and co-creation of efficient solutions across all phases, from research and development capacities to design, conception,industrialisation and implementation of automated production cells.

We offer comprehensive solutions for the manufacture of complex components designed for aeronautical and industrial turbines. Our specialisation focuses on projects that require integration of particular technologies and a high degree of criticality. Manufacture in independent cells by product-process type includes penetrating fluids to ensure the conformity of all parts. We offer our customers extra capacities in the acceleration of their products, flexibility for their production systems, cost rationalisation and a systemised and transparent project management model.

We design, develop and manufacture highly complex mechanical systems for the Major Scientific Infrastructures and for any sector with extreme precision mechanics requirements (Photolithography, Air-Bearing Systems, Free Form Optics, Cryo-Mechanisms, Special Antennas, etc.).
We are supported by a group of manufacturing and metrology experts and production teams worldwide.

Egile CanTooling started off as ZEHATZ, an Egile Group company created in 1999.
We offer solutions for the processing of thin sheet metal, metal packaging and particularly for EOE easy-opening end systems.
We manufacture and recuperate all types of spare parts that are designed directly by us as well as by third parties, applying reverse engineering, when required.
We design, manufacture and assemble all kinds of dies at the customer’s premises, adapting them to their press systems, and we specialise in all type of EOE easy-opening end formats, Scroll y pre-scroll, basic lid and inlay container. We also supply more advanced, complete systems for any EOE easy-opening cover format with our own advanced technology.