Our History



First strategic approach

Engineering operation

Zehatz, S.L. was created in 1990 in Elgoibar, a small town in Gipuzkoa, a microenterprise specialising in grinding and dedicated to the machine tool sector as an interoperations outsourcer.

We adopted our first strategic approach in 1992,  with the decision to expand, moving from being an auxiliary workshop to a strategy-based company. Our business operations started out with a focus on the metal container sector and we began operating in the engineering sector in 1995.

Soon afterwards, we began developing our first progressive dies for the metal packaging sector and we started developing tooling for machine-tool machining.


DMP (Desarrollos Mecánicos de Precisión)

First certification

Second aeronautical certification

Strategic plan

DMP (Desarrollos Mecánicos de Precisión, S.L.) was created in 1999 coinciding with the turn of the new century, and began operating in the aeronautical sector with complex and precision components. We began to look towards neighbouring France, the second world power.

2001 marked our first certification. We became a certified company for the complete manufacture of aeronautical components, including Production activity and Quality delegation.

A year later, in 2002, we were granted our second aeronautical certification for the complete manufacture of aeronautical assemblies, including functional testing on test benches. Delegated Quality.

In 2004, we drafted our first Strategic Plan, with a focus on diversifying into emerging sectors such as healthcare, aeronautics and renewable energy, areas in which high precision mechanics alongside our knowledge and experience allowed us to specialise in technological breakthroughs.


Egile Corporation XXI

CREATECH Medical, S.L.


Consolidation in the sector

World leaders in the dental market


We created Egile Corporation XXI in 2005, as core element for the acceleration of new projects. We anticipate the future evolution of open lines of business emerging in the form of new companies. A corporate structure will need to be created that allows us to take advantage of the opportunities and to deploy the intra-business cooperation vision to other units with whom we share our vision and vocation.

In 2006 CREATECH Medical, S.L. was created, a project that we had a hand in creating and that began operating in the healthcare sector, focused on the development, manufacture and distribution of innovative solutions.

Our second Strategic Plan drafted a year later, in 2007, focused on globalisation. We signed strategic agreements with leading aeronautics companies worldwide and identified a fourth strategic market for Egile: science and its Major Infrastructures.

2008 marked our consolidation in the aeronautical sector. We delivered the NLG B787 Shock-absorbing prototypes and were awarded an important tender for the manufacture of SPPS families for TURBOMECA.
Our commitment to the healthcare sector was consolidated in 2009 with our positioning as world leaders in the dental market. Our major tooth loss solutions are recognised as being the best in terms of technology and quality.


EIS (Egile Innovative Solutions)

Takeover of TECEXSA

ETD (Environmental Technology Development, S.L)

EIS (Egile Innovative Solutions) was created in 2010. This involved the creation of a R & D corporate structure and the formation of a knowledge-gathering unit and that will support the group’s future technological development.

In 2012, we took over TECEXSA (Tecno Química Exterior, S.A.), an engineering firm manufacturing its own product, which represented an enormous potential for development.

We began operating in the water sector, with the creation of ETD (Environmental Technology Development, S.L.) in 2014, a company dedicated to providing global solutions in the management and treatment of waste and energy (mainly hydroelectric) and water treatment and purification.

Reorganisation into divisions

The Group reorganised into specialized divisions in 2018 with the purpose of focusing all the capabilities to the specific demands of our markets through the new business units. Creation of Egile AeroTransmissions, Egile AeroSystems, Egile AeroEngines, Egile ExtremePrecision and Egile CanTooling.