We at Egile conceive the relationship between the company and its people as something more than a mere “cash-for-work” transaction. This is due to our awareness that work is something that we spend a significant part of our lives doing, which greatly influences our way of life, our projects, families, ambitions and eagerness. This is also because we know that happy people build better companies.

We try to adapt our activities in a way that allows us to maximize the quality of life of the people belonging to the Egile Group, striving to respond to their hard work, not only financially, but also by providing them with optimum conditions.


Quality in the workplace is one of our main points of concern, when it comes to health and safety.
Our facilities and resources therefore exceed the requirements demanded by current legislation, in the area of Occupational Safety and Health.


We offer a flexible and adaptable work schedule based on the needs of the companies and their employees. We also maintain a flexible work schedule whenever the workplace activity allows.


The companies belonging to the Egile Group are striving to facilitate a work-life balance, a necessary, core objective to advance in the creation of a healthy professional environment, which will enhance rather than limit people’s contribution.  Some of the measures we have introduced are allowing people residing abroad to work at home, enabling people to work special working hours, avail of temporary contract reductions, leave of absence, etc.


The technological nature of our companies makes Continuous Training an essential requirement for our personnel in order to perform their role efficiently, keeping the Egile Group at the forefront of competitiveness in their different fields of activity. We therefore highlight the importance of retaining the highest levels of knowledge of each of our activities.
How do we do this? Adapting training needs to each profile, where everyone has their own individual Training Plan. Multi-skilling is beneficial for both the team and the Corporation itself.


We have an active internal promotion policy in place. Candidates from within the group’s organisations are always given priority consideration whenever a vacancy arises and those already belonging to the Egile Group are given priority in an equal opportunity environment.
Due to the young nature of our company alongside our rate of growth, these opportunities for promotion arise on a frequent basis, and Egile is a place that offers real possibilities for workplace advancement.


We promote the participation of people in the management of the company, and we mantain self-managed work groups. We encourage, channel and take into account people’s opinions, ideas or initiatives and we like to think that this is one of our strong points.

This involvement of all sectors has led to the generation of new business initiatives, some of which have made it possible to create companies that have since gone on to form part of the Group. Intrapreneurship is therefore a vocation that we actively promote, to contribute to the development of the Group and to generate the wealth and satisfaction for all the people who belong to it.