Bangkok hosted the market-reference Asia Cantech fair from 28th to 30th October

Bangkok hosted the market-reference Asia Cantech fair from 28th to 30th October, bringing the world's leading food and metal packaging companies and their suppliers together in an event that counted on an exhibition area and technical conferences, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the organising company: Bell Publishing.

Thailand is a strategic market in Asia, since its location makes it a gateway to a large volume of sea trade, especially food (food & seafood, as it is known in Asia), underpinning our market in Cantooling. Egile's presence during the three days of the fair was therefore part of a longer commercial trip, making the most of the occasion to visit potential clients, partners and local traders.

The Asian market has great potential for growth, as the transition from plastic to metal packaging is still incipient in beverages in Asia, and many of the systems used in food are outdated and in need of renewal. Despite good commercial expectations, it must be remembered that Asia is a very endogamous market that tends to consume internally first, and where the presence of a very strong competitor in the form of China combined with language obstacles represent significant barriers to entry. The visit has been used to contact possible local representatives, since, as is the case throughout Asia, Thailand is a country where sales are boosted by operating through a local representative.

In short, the visit has allowed us to test the market in terms of competitors, potential customers, partners, traders and service providers as we prepare for the next strategic plan, which will detail how to enter a market with such huge potential.

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