We Are The Egile Group

“Egile” in Basque means “a doer or a creator”. We are an industrial and technological group providing specialised services and products in the field of high precision mechanics.

Our Mechanical Division designs, develops, manufactures and installs components for Aeronautics and Security, such as engines, aircraft transmission and pilework systems for customers who are leaders in their sector, with specialised business units for each solution. We also develop high-precision mechanical solutions for specialised demand markets, parts, spare parts, tooling and high precision dies to name a few, in the metal packaging sector.

Our dimension and constant attention to emerging technological and business opportunities make Egile a diversified industrial group, with separate divisions that also operate in the Waters and Environment, Industrial Cyber Security and Health areas.

 Our modern infrastructure is situated in a strategic geographical environment for our markets, and we have resources for the design, manufacture and implementation of turnkey solutions.

We are committed to research and development, with the investment of more than 17% of the annual turnover, which is focused on development and optimising knowledge-based opportunities, products, and services, thanks to an expert professional team committed to providing the best service to our customers.